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As you begin looking at church school coverings, you will find that each one is unique in its fee structure, its requirements, and its benefits, so your task becomes one of finding a covering that fits the needs and goals of your family. Some people want a covering that makes them legal and then leaves them alone. Others want a covering that offers group activities and a framework of support and accountability.

For enrollment with Moffett Road Christian School, you pay a one-time (as long as you maintain enrollment with us) registration fee of $50 per family. Tuition is $175 for the first student and $10 for each additional student per year. We require membership in the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) at our group rate of $100 per year.

We assign each family to a cell group, and your cell group leader becomes another source of information and encouragement. Sometime during the first quarter of your first year with us, your cell group leader will take a look at your lesson plan book to make sure that your questions are answered and that everything is headed in the right direction. You will turn in grades online quarterly.

Students in grades 3 and above must take standardized tests at the end of their first year with us, choosing either the Stanford or the IOWA test in the spring. All students test in 3rd, 5th, and 8th grades, though many families choose to test annually. High school students may choose to take the ACT, PSAT or SAT to satisfy the testing requirement.

We require that you attend at least 4 meetings during the course of the year, preferably one a quarter, and we offer something every month. In even-numbered months, we hold a faculty-wide meeting at the church. In odd-numbered months, the cell groups meet. Sometimes that meeting takes place in the cell leader’s home, sometimes at a restaurant for a mom’s night out, and sometimes at a park or the ice cream parlor so the children can attend, too.
Each family performs one volunteer service during the course of the year. That could mean serving refreshments at a faculty meeting, helping with a field trip, or working in the library. If you have a degree, you can choose to proctor the standardized tests we require in the spring.

Finally, because it is very important to us that our families are connected to a body of faith for support and encouragement, we send a pastoral letter of reference to someone on the church staff of newly enrolling families. That could go to the lead pastor, the youth pastor, or anyone on staff who knows your family well.

New families may enroll throughout the year with administrator approval. Interested families may contact our Administrator Retta Franklin by completing the contact form and brief questionnaire, found here.

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tall ships

February 2015 Field Trips

Discover Columbus’ Tall Ships, Gulf Shores Date: Friday, February 6th Time: 1:00 pm Cost: $5 per person. Kids under 5 years old are free.  Payable day of show via cash.  Credit cards accepted with min. $20. Registration: Via email to coordinator, Michele Landrum, @ m.landrum@mobilemrcs.org Registration deadline: Day of show. The Niña is a replica […]

Common Core

Dear Parents, Want to know more concerning Common Core and how it will adversely impact Alabama’s homeschoolers?  If so, we encourage you to join us for an informative meeting to be held on January 24th at First Baptist Church, Birmingham.  William Estrada, Counsel with Home School Legal Defense Association and Stephanie Bell, Alabama State Board […]


Summer Teen Volunteer Opportunity

Teen volunteers provide a valuable service to patients, visitors and staff while enjoying a unique opportunity for personal growth and satisfaction.  Application deadline for new and returning teen volunteers is April 1, 2015. The program may reach capacity before the deadline, so please send in completed application as soon as possible. Summer Teen Volunteer Applications […]


Box Tops For Educations!

Don’t forget to clip your Boxtops! Our last collection for Boxtops this year will be at the February 2015 Faculty Meeting. All the profits earned through Boxtops are used to purchase curriculum and books for our MRCS Library! Keep on clipping! Thanks.