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As you begin looking at church school coverings, you will find that each one is unique in its fee structure, requirements, and benefits. Therefore, the task becomes one of finding a covering that fits the needs and goals of your family. Some want a covering that makes them legal and then leaves them alone. Other families seek a covering that offers group activities and a framework of support and accountability.

For enrollment with Moffett Road Christian School, you pay a one-time (as long as enrollment is maintained) registration fee of $50 per family. Tuition is $175 for the first student and $10 for each additional student per year. Membership in the Home School Legal Defense Association (HSLDA) is required, at our group rate of $100 per family, per year.

We assign each family to a cell group. Your cell group leader becomes a source of information and encouragement. During the first quarter of your first year with MRCS, your cell group leader will take a look at your lesson plan book. She will answer any questions you might have to assure that everything is headed in the right direction. Grades are entered online quarterly.

Students in grades 3 and above must take the IOWA standardized test near the end of their first year with MRCS. All students test in 3rd, 5th, and 8th grade. However, many families elect to test annually. High school students may choose to take the ACT, PSAT, or SAT to satisfy the testing requirement.

We require attendance to at least 4 meetings during the course of the year, preferably one a quarter. Various options are offered monthly. In even-numbered months, a faculty-wide meeting at the church is held. In odd-numbered months, the cell groups meet. Those meetings may take place in the cell leader’s home, at a restaurant for a mom’s night out, or at a park, or the ice cream parlor, so children can attend, too.

Each family performs one volunteer service during the course of the year. Options include serving refreshments at a faculty meeting, helping with a field trip, or working in the library. If you have a degree, you may choose to proctor the standardized tests we require in the spring.

Finally, because it is very important to us that our families are connected to a body of faith for support and encouragement, we send a pastoral letter of reference to someone on the church staff of newly enrolling families. This document could go to the lead pastor, the youth pastor, or a church faculty member who knows your family well.

MRCS offers several options to foster a sense of community and fellowship among our families. Field trips, student government, extracurricular activities, and volunteer outreach programs are just a few of the opportunities available.

New families may enroll throughout the year with administrator approval. Interested families may contact our Administrator, Michele Landrum, by completing the contact form and brief questionnaire, found here.

The Latest News

2017 – 2018 Registration for Currently Enrolled Families is Open!

2017 – 2018 Online Registration for Currently Enrolled Families is OPEN!   MRCS Families: We are excited to open 2017-2018 online registration for currently enrolled families! Below you will find three steps to register your student(s). Tuition Payments: The tuition fee for the year is $175 for one child.  There is a $10 tuition fee […]

Rehearsal for Senior Graduation Moved

Due to unforeseen circumstances, the MRCS Senior Graduation Rehearsal has been moved.  Please check your email ASAP, if you are a parent of a  high school student. The MRCS Board apologizes for any inconvenience and appreciates your time, patience, and understanding. We look forward to an amazing commencement night for our students!

AFAS Reminder

*ALL FORMS MUST BE RECEIVED BY 3/01* Forms may be mailed or dropped into the MRCS drop box. All forms must be received by 03/01. Late entries will not be accepted. This display of talent in the performing arts, visual arts, academic excellence, and community service is open to all MRCS students, regardless of grade. […]


IOWA Testing *DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS 02/24* MRCS will offer the Iowa Achievement Test, Spring 2017, for our enrolled families. Achievement testing is required for 3rd, 5th, and 8th graders, as well as first year MRCS students in grades 3 and above, per the MRCS policy. The information needed to participate is listed below. If […]