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Late Enrollment Pricing . . .

Returning MRCS Families, please remember to             re-enroll before 8/25

Enrollment for returning families is available online at regular pricing until August 25th.

Returning MRCS families registering after the August 25th deadline pay an additional $25 for “late enrollment”.

In order to complete your enrollment, you will need a current HSLDA number and valid expiration date for the upcoming school year.
You will also need to select “Pay Now” for all fees at the time of enrollment even if you wish to pay by check(If you select “pay later” the system will give you an error message.)

Payment can be completed online via PayPal
by mailing a check (made out to MRCS and mailed within 7 days) to:

Lee Schansberg
908 Chaumont Ave.
Dauphin Island, AL 36528

If you have any questions, please contact Lee Schansberg.