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Moffett Road Assembly of God

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MRCS is pleased to offer School Photos for the 2017-18 school year. This opportunity is provided through a local photographer and fees will be paid directly to her (Creative Expressions by Tori). The cost for this service will be $30 per family. This fee will cover “Yearbook Style” photos for each student in your family, as well as a group photo for your family if you would like one.

To sign up for the 10/24/2017 session click HERE.

Photos will be taken at the MRCS Library/Office on the following dates: Tuesday October 24, 1-3pm and Tuesday November 7, 1-3pm. 

If you have 1-3 students in your family, select ONE time slot for 10 minutes and sign up. Once you click ‘sign up’ it will ask you to enter some information – please include your last name and how many students will be participating in that picture session. (ie Dalgety 3) for 3 students from the Dalgety family.

If you have 4 or more students in your family, please select TWO time slots for 10 minutes each and sign up the same way for each slot. (ie Dalgety 4) for 4 students from the Dalgety family.

A $10 deposit will be due at the time of your photo session. Please bring $10 cash or check per family for the photographer.

These photos will be made available for you on a CD within a few weeks of the photo session. They may be used for the MRCS yearbook if you would like to submit them for that purpose, or simply printed for your personal enjoyment and records. We will let you know when the photo CDs are available, and you will then pay the remaining $20 balance per family to collect your CD.

Please contact Kelly Dalgety with questions or for additional information regarding the school photos: scottnkelly@hotmail.com