Dear Homeschool Friends,
We are pleased to invite you to attend our upcoming Alabama History Field-trip in Montgomery, Alabama on April 8th and 9th.    Our new group called Exploring With Grace, a part of Classically Homeschooled, is making a grass roots effort to organize historic, natural science field trips, and other events for Christian families in the Mobile Area.
Our upcoming Montgomery event is packed with tours focusing on government and history in the state of Alabama and include:  Ole Alabama Town, Judicial Building, Alabama Capitol, Alabama State House, Downtown Walking Tour, Rosa Parks Museum, First Confederate White House, and Alabama Archives.
On the first day of our 2-day event, we will gather and enjoy a visit to the wonderful Montgomery Zoo– giving families a chance to greet and meet one another before the tours begin!  Hotel information and unit-study guide resources are being gathered and will be sent to all pre-registrants.
Most of the tours are free, and you can attend one or both days.  Please see the attached information for the short agenda, descriptions, fees, and registration formPre-registration should be done via e-mail as soon as possible but all forms and fees are due April 1st.
Because of the late planning of this event, we ask for quick responses and prompt registration.  There are limited spaces for many of the events, so the group total maximum number of children will be 30 for all ages 5 and above.
You should read all of the attached information in order to properly register for this event.  Also, please make note of our new e-mail address at Classically Homeschooled, and keep in mind that our website is down for repairs.
Many Blessings,
Martha Benton
Cheri Burke
Classically Homeschooled