This ACT Prep Course is offered by homeschooling Dad, Bret Lohrbach, and consists of four-3hr classes, one 3hr class for each of the ACT subjects (English, Math, Reading and Science).  This gives a total of 12 hours of training.  These classes are spread out over two weeks (usually the weeks before an upcoming ACT).  Per Mr. Lohrbach, students will be shown the ACT test-taking strategies, strategies which are vastly different than the ones used on a “regular” test in a classroom.

On the website,, you will find basic information of upcoming classes and of how the classes are set up.  The next course will begin on October 1st.

MRCS parents will receive a 50% discount of the regular cost of the course ($80 instead of $160).

A short bio from Mr. Lohrbach, who is currently working as a missionary in Bogota, Colombia.  He has background and training in education.  He has been a teacher for almost 20 years, working at Presbyterian Christian School, Hattiesburg High School, Pearl River Community College, Jones County Junior College, as well as, Gulf Coast Community College.

Bret Lohrbach is available for questions at (978) 228-7737 or you can visit his website for more information.