Classical Conversations (CC) is a Christian based, organized and well established homeschool community, which offers weekly classes led by trained tutors.  Parents enjoy attending classes alongside their children (for K-6th) as a tutor leads the class.  Parents may drop off their children for the Challenge level classes (7th-12th).  CC models the Classical Christian Method of teaching and they work to encourage, support and empower parents to homeschool their own children.  Further information on the Christian Classical Method is on their website:

or for Registration Information:

regarding the 2016-2017 School Year you may contact:


CC community @ Grace Community Church

on Airport Blvd. near Cody Rd.:

Fran Ladner, Foundations & Essentials Director

(251) 463-3215


CC community @ Luke 4:18 Fellowship

on Sollie Rd., near Cottage Hill Rd.

Hollie Echevarria, Foundations & Essentials Director

(502) 500-1873


Rebecca McGallagher, Challenge A Director (251) 327-7980


Deborah Hawie Challenge B Director (251) 454-4725


April Montgomery Challenge I Director (228) 372-4291


The Support Representative for our area is Melanie Carver:  (251) 504-0814