Registration is open for Classical Conversations in the West Mobile area!

What is Classical Conversations (CC)?  CC is a Christian based, organized and well established homeschool community, which offers weekly classes led by trained tutors.  Parents enjoy attending classes alongside their children (for K-6th) as a tutor leads the class.  Parents may drop off their children for the Challenge level classes (7th & up).  CC models the Christian Classical Method of teaching and they work to encourage, support and empower parents to homeschool their own children.

Further information on the Christian Classical Method is on their website:

To register or inquire re:  Foundations (K4-6th) or Essentials (4th-6th), please contact:

Ellen McLain, Support Manager & Director for CC community @ Luke 4:18 Church on Sollie Rd. near Cottage Hill Rd. (251) 404-0272 or  (Ellen is holding Info meetings: Mon. Feb. 23 and Wed Feb 25.  Open House Thurs Feb 26, must rsvp to attend.)

Kim Baxter, Director for CC community @ Grace Community Church on Airport Blvd. near Cody Rd. (251) 725-7730 or  (Kim is holding an Info meeting February 26, 6:30 pm, must rsvp to attend)

To register or inquire re: Challenge (7th & up), please contact:

Ellen McLain, Support Manager (251) 404-0272 or  -or-

Deborah Hawie, (Challenge I: approx.. 9th & up) CC @ Luke 4:18 (251) 454-4725

Rebecca McGallagher, (Challenge B: approx. 8th & up) CC @ Luke 4:18 (251) 327-7980

Karen Naman, (Challenge A: approx. 7th) CC @ Luke 4:18 (251) 490-6779

Descriptions for Classes:


(K4-6th) max. 8 children per class, meet 1x per week from 9am-12pmEach week the children are led by a tutor and participate in a science experiment, fine arts lesson with either art/music, and a brief geography lesson.  Also, each child will practice speaking before the class on a simple topic for just a few minutes, and practice memorizing Math, English, History, Science, Timeline and Latin facts in a fun and effective way!  The curriculum used is a Classical Conversations Foundation Guide.

View sample Foundations class:


(4th-6th), approx. 8-15 children per class, meet 1x per week from 1pm-3pm – Each week a tutor instructs the class on grammar and writing skills and leads them in Math games.  The grammar curriculum used is, “Essentials of the English Language” (written by Leigh Bortins, founder of Classical Conversations).  The writing curriculum used is “Institute for Excellence in Writing”.

View sample Essentials class:


(7th & up), Quote from the CC website describing Challenge:

“Typically students begin A when they are 12 and progress through each level completing Challenge IV as a senior, but older students are welcome in any level so you might find a 13 or 14 year old in Challenge A. The course work is sufficiently challenging to accommodate an older student. We identify Challenge “levels” rather than grades because we want students to enroll in the level they are prepared to study.”

Approx. 6-12 students per class, meet 1x per week from 8:30am-3:00pm – Each week a tutor will lead the class.  Curricula varies according to Challenge Levels (A, B, I, II, III, IV).  Each level will include a focus on six skills which form the strands that determine the subject choices.  These six skills are:

Exposition and Composition, Grammar (Latin), Debate, Research, Logic & Rhetoric.

“Lost Tools of Writing” , “Henle Latin”, and “Apologia” are just a few of the many titles you will notice listed in the catalog for various levels.  You may view the scope & sequence of each Challenge Level in the link below.

View Challenge overview:

Foundations, Essentials & Challenge classes will be held on Tuesdays beginning in the fall.  Nursery is available for babies-3yrs.  Registration will remain open until the classes fill up.

There are a number of avenues available as support for homeschooling families in CC.  Free 3-Day Parent Practicums are held during the summer (cost only for childcare classes, should you choose to bring your children).

A Parent Practicum is scheduled for the Mobile area at Luke 4:18 Church on June 1, 2 & 3 this summer.  More information will be made available on the CC website regarding this practicum at a later date.

Parent meetings will also be held this summer for those who join Challenge.  The meetings are designed to equip parents before the fall season begins.

Thank you for taking time to read through this information and to consider CC as an option that may meet your homeschooling needs!  We hope to hear from you soon!

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