Cottage Hill Homeschool Division Class Offerings

Praise Christian School has merged with Cottage Hill Christian School as the homeschool division. We continue to offer a variety co-op classes. This year we are particularly strong in the math and science division, all of which are open to all local homeschool students. The courses are taught by experienced teachers, most of whom have higher-education degrees.

With the exception of Physics (taught on Tuesdays), the classes are taught on Mondays beginning at 7:45 AM at Cottage Hill Baptist Church in the upstairs education center. Each course will be a combination of home-study and classroom instruction complete with testing, hands-on labs, and, in some cases, field trips! To inquire about a class, simply contact the instructor by email or telephone. 

We encourage you to pass along this information to any parent, student, or group who would like to take advantage of this wonderful opportunity!

 Monday Courses: (at Cottage Hill Baptist Church)

ACT Math Prep: Jennifer Ballard.; 251-391-7227

ACT English Prep: Bonita L. Harris.; 251-599-2849

Biology Lab: Tracy Stallings.; 251-605-0582

Chemistry: Tracy Stallings.; 251-605-0582

Economics: Terina Mounce.; 251-367-7722

Geology Honors: Bonita L. Harris.; 251-599-2849

Middle and High School Guitar: Jody Beckham.;

Marine Biology: Jennifer Ballard.; 251-391-7227

Middle School Writing Strategies: Bonita L. Harris.; 251-599-2849

Photography: Ida Thrasher.;  251-665-5309

Elementary, Middle and High School Sign Language: Jessica Baluyut. 251-656-7350

Yearbook (CHCS home school students only)

Tuesday Evening: (location TBD)

Physics – Tuesday evenings Charlie Stallings; 228-219-4514

2141 Liberty Drive East

Mobile, AL 36608


K-5th grade activities: Tiffany Bosarge.