Author of College-Prep Homeschooling & Leadership Lessons for Homeschooled Teens
He is also a college professor and a homeschooling father!  Email him with questions at
Fall courses begin September 9, 2013  ~  Registration deadline is August 30, 2013!
Visit us at: for course information and registration form!

• Dr. Byers offers over 40 different courses in Social Studies and English—colleges and universities require 4 high school
credits in each subject as part of admission criteria
– There are a wide variety of courses available in each subject to appeal to your child’s different interests and skills
– Social Studies courses include: U.S. History, American Government, World History, Geography, and more
– English courses focus on developing Reading, Writing, and Critical Thinking Skills
These are course topics and skills required by colleges and universities!
• These very affordable courses are offered via email in an asynchronous fashion meaning that your child doesn’t have to be
“logged on” to a computer at a certain day and time to take the class
• Your child will receive a complete syllabus with detailed assignments and schedule via email
• No textbooks are required—all course materials and resources are provided via email except for Great Books & Movie courses
• Dr. Byers offers students a 24-48-hour turnaround time for assignment grading and feedback, as well as for answers to questions
• Spring semester runs 12-15 weeks depending on the course
• All courses earn one half-credit in the subject area
• When the work is completed, parents receive a formal transcript with complete course description & the letter grade earned
Fall semester begins September 9, 2013 Registration deadline is August 30, 2013!
Check out our website for course descriptions and registration form!