• The PowerPrep Programs contain 10+ hours of instructor led video and 40+ hours of class work
  • 120 video lessons and 122 drills ranging from 1 minute to 10 minutes delivered by an expert instructor
  • 18 automatically graded progress quizzes with detailed explanatory answers to help you gauge your progress
  • Electronic outlines for each of the 120 lessons and sample questions
  • Sample 30 day schedule to track your progress through the 120 video/audio/multimedia lessons
The SAT/ACT Project waives 100% of the retail cost ($199 to $249) of all STANDARD version programs and 75 to 93% of all other programs and services ($299 to $1,575).  For Standard Programs there is a nominal per program student fee that ranges between $17.55 and $19.99.
These Student Fees help defray the cost of materials, streaming, customer and technical support & updates. 100% of all revenues are reinvested to improve the program and extend the reach to more students and families around the world.  There is no profit generated by this project.