February Faculty Meeting: Tuesday, February 11

Join us at our upcoming faculty meeting at 6:30 pm on Tuesday evening, February 11th, in the Family Center at Moffett Road Assembly of God.  You will enjoy hearing from some of our veteran homeschool teachers who will graduate their last student this year.  Speakers will include administrator Retta Franklin, high school counselor Susan Hofer, and long-time homeschooling grandmother, Betsy Ross.  Come listen to them share some of what they’ve learned along the way and, perhaps, what they wish they had known at the beginning!  Remember to bring a finger food to share.

Mothers with Seniors: Susan Hofer, high school counselor, will meet with the graduating senior moms shortly after the Faculty Meeting to hand out graduation robes and to go over a few details pertaining to graduation.

Mothers with Kindergarten Graduates: Stacey Farni, Kindergarten Graduation Coordinator, will meet with moms of kindergarteners at 6 pm in the Family Center, just prior to the Faculty Meeting, February 11.  The ceremony requires at least two participants and will be scheduled in the Family Center at Moffett Road Assembly on Friday evening, May 16, at 5 pm.  A fee of $35 covers the purchase of a white robe, hat, diploma, and reception for the graduates and families.  PLEASE email Stacey at farnic@bellsouth.net if you’d like to participate and she will meet with you Tuesday, February 11, to plan the kindergarten graduation.

Junior Mothers: ALL Junior Moms are asked to meet with Teresa Stokes briefly following the Faculty Meeting to begin planning for the Graduation Reception.