We are an open group that is interested in promoting health, fitness, and camaraderie through Olympic style fencing. We also try to promote the sport of fencing in our local community by doing demonstrations at different venues in our surrounding area.
Fencing is many different things to many different people. We embrace all of the reasons that people enjoy fencing. There are some that are inspired by Olympic competitors, some like the competitiveness of weapon combat against another competitor, and some enjoy the history and excitement of swordplay. All of these are great reasons to fence and we welcome those people with their varied reasons into our club.
Fencing teaches Honor, Discipline, and Sportsmanship. It builds the body through rigorous exercise and the mind through development of high speed decision making. We love the sport of fencing for all we
get from it.
Our club allows new potential members, both child and adult to attend classes for one month with no charge, including using the club’s gear. After the month is up, we ask you to decide if fencing is for you.
If you love it like we do, we ask you pay for the first month’s lessons, and the yearly club dues at your nex visit. Prices are on the next page. You will also be expected to buy a basic set of gear to practice with within the first month of attending. Average costs of these kits are listed on the next page as well.
You can contact them via email at the following:
Chris Sayre – President –
Renzy Hill – Master At Arms –