MRCS events, high school meetings, and field trips are for families currently enrolled with MRCS only. There is an option for guests to attend certain events.  However, permission must be obtained from either the event Leader or administration prior to the event.
      Each event Leader should have a sign-in sheet and/or personally verify event attendants. Anyone found attending whom is not enrolled with MRCS and has not received prior permission to attend shall be requested to leave.
     Our events are entertaining, informative, and educational. Therefore, it is understandable that families may like to invite guests to some things and they certainly can. However, permission must be obtained prior to the event.
     This policy is in place to provide a safe environment for our families. Our events are part of the community atmosphere we enjoy at MRCS. Following the school guidelines, in regards to guests, will allow this atmosphere to flourish while respecting the boundaries of our program.