We are grateful for the years of service Dick & Susan Hofer gave to MRCS and wish them much grace and joy in their new phase of life with four children successfully graduated from homeschooling and off to pursue higher education. 

 We welcome Tremaine & Amy Pimperl, parents of Micah and Noah, to the MRCS Board.  Amy has served as a Cell Leader for the past few years as well as assisted with the honor society.  We also welcome three new cell leaders for 2014-2015:  Deborah Hawie, Jackie Louch, and Karen Naman.  We are grateful to all four of these families for taking on new responsibilities for MRCS and giving their time and service to encourage other MRCS families.  We are thankful for all the cell group leaders returning from last year, Patty Peckham, Wendy Ramsey, Elizabeth Watt, and Pam Werry.  Please express your gratefulness when you have the opportunity.