Attention High School Students!

SGA Elections are tomorrow night and we are searching for students to participate! 
Our SGA Council is in need of students to run for Class Representative (9th-12th grades) and Outreach Coordinator.  We also have openings on the ballot for another candidate for President, Secretary, Treasurer, and Activities Coordinator.

*Note to Parents: 
When encouraging your students to seek an office in SGA, please remember to set them up for success.   If your student is not elected to the office in which they are seeking, please remind them that volunteering for Class Representative would still be an excellent way to serve in SGA.
Current SGA Candidates Include:

President: Luke Killam

VP: Emma Dalgety, Mason Brasher

Treasurer: Caroline Brasher

Secretary: Victoria Grace Hawie

Chaplain: Katie Schansberg, Logan Horn

Community Outreach Coordinator: Coco Green

Activities Chairman: Katie Loftin

Class Representatives:

9th – Spencer Dalgety

10th – Teagan Lynn

11th –Thomas McCormick

12th – Anna Grace Gay

Parents, please email the SGA sponsors to have your student’s name added to the ballot for Tuesday evening. For full details on the offices and requirements, visit our previous SGA post HERE!

*FYI: We will be updating this list as we get more names on the ballot, so check back closer to election time if your student would like to know his/her running mates!

For questions or more information, please contact the SGA sponsors:

Deborah Hawie   (251) 454-4725

Dianne Loftin       (251) 605-5531