Imperial Russia – A Cultural Odyssey

From ancient bells and chant to the Romanticism of Tchaikovsky, a look at Russia’s distinctive sound. Thursdays at 8 p.m. Eastern (7 p.m. Central). Read more.  12 1 hours classes online. High School Credit: 0.5 in Fine Arts/Humanities

Syllabus Sep 5 Russia and the West
Sep 12 The Riuriks
Sep 19 Orthodox Music and Art
Oct 3 Time of Troubles and Romanovs
Oct 17 Peter the Great and Westernization
Oct 24 The Tsarinas! (Elizabeth, Anna, Catherine)
Oct 31 Napoleonic Russia and the Golden Age
Nov 7 Glinka
Nov 14 Pushkin
Nov 21 The Russian Realists in Music and Art
Dec 5 Tchaikovsky and Russian Romanticism
Dec 12 Russian Avant Garde Arts and the Ballet Russe

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 Discovering Music

300 Years of Western Music, Arts, History, and Culture. Our flagship course covering the history of music from approximately 1600 to 1914 (the beginning of World War I). Read more.

 America’s Artistic Legacy  begins Sept. 5

Join Professor Carol’s live webinar on Thursdays at 2 p.m. Eastern (1 p.m. Central) on the music, art, and literature of America. Join any timeRead more.

 Tools for Academic Success

Professor Carol’s college prep. Three weekly sessions begin on the first Friday of each month. Read more.  Professor Carol teaches the Tools for Academic Success designed for college prep students, taking a serious look at what they will face in college and beyond.

 A History of Early Sacred Music

Coming Soon! From the Jerusalem Temple to 1400 featuring performances of ancient music, Gregorian chant, and polyphony with scholarly perspective from numerous experts. Read more.

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The Metropolitan Opera HD Simulcast. Professor Carol’s Preview. Check for webinar dates and times.

Hymns. The hymnal you found discarded contains a treasure of song, history, and theology. Check for webinar dates and times.

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