Kickoff meeting: Wednesday, September 2nd from 10-11am – Cottage Hill Baptist Church

Bible Drill

The purpose of Bible Drill is to help increase believer’s knowledge of the Bible, develop skills in effectively handling the Bible, learn how to apply the Bible to their life, and begin developing memory skills.  Students in 4th – 12th grade (Children, Youth, High School) learn the names and locations of all the books of the Bible, 10 key passages and their locations, and 25 scriptures.  Students have a FUN time learning the Word each year with lots of games and rewards. It is possible for a student to have learned 78 verses and 30 key passages, as well as the books of the Old and New Testament, by the end of three years. Memorization is just one part of Bible Drill as students become grounded in the Word, filled with Word, deeper spiritual growth, fast recall, and how to present themselves in front of an audience. 

Speakers Tournament winners attend any ALABAMA Southern Baptist University (University of Mobile, Samford, Judson) for free!  Students in 10th – 12th grade are eligible to participate in the Student Speaker’s Competition.  The Student Speakers Competition is for students who want to become better communicators, build confidence, and prepare for a lifetime of success and service. It’s about making a greater difference in the world, both now and for the rest of your life. Students entered in the Student Speaker’s Competition must prepare a four-to-six minute speech. You may choose a topic from the list or make up one of your own. Your speech should inform, inspire, encourage and/or cause listeners to be concerned about an issue. If you want to speak more confidently, share your faith more passionately, have some fun, and maybe win a college scholarship, then you should be a part of the Student Speakers Competition.  There are four levels of competition: church, associational, regional and state.  All speakers are eligible to participate at the church, associational and regional levels.  The two top scoring speakers in each region automatically qualify for the State Competition. The state winner represents Alabama at the National Competition.

We meet at Cottage Hill Baptist Church every Wednesday morning beginning in September.

We need a few moms to be available for drillers to recite their memorized verses each week. You hold the card, they recite the verses. Cost:  $5 for materials; $15 for personal drill t-shirt.

Peaches Fink, 661-4034