Cell Group Meetings

Pam Werry … Join us for a Mom’s night out (moms only) at Cheri Burke’s home (address is in the school directory) for our first cell group meeting.  Cheri will provide dinner on Thursday, September 17th at 6:00pm.  We will be talking about social media, Is it helping your home school or hurting?  We will also be having a recipe exchange so please bring copies to share of your family’s favorite lunch or dinner.  Please RSVP 251-232-3311


Kim Casey … will meet @ Jason’s Deli on Airport Blvd. on Thursday, September, 17th @ 6:30. This 1st meeting will be parent(s) only. Please RSVP.


Elizabeth Watt … will meet at Chill Yogurt on Airport Blvd for a meet and greet on Monday, September, 28 at 3:30. Come enjoy a sweet treat while we talk about getting off to a great start this school year!


Jackie Louch….Come join our 1st cell group meeting Tuesday, September 8, 5:30-7:00 @ Jason’s Deli, Airport Blvd. When women share conversation, they build relationships so come prepared to SHARE with each other and discover many common interests and experiences. PLEASE RSVP to djlouch@bellsouth.net or 232-2525. I look forward to our time together!

Wendy Ramsey…The Ramsey group will be having a ‘Mom’s Night Out’ meeting at San Miguel’s on Schillinger Road, Tuesday, September 22, @ 6:30. Come join the table conversation about how your year is starting out & encouraging one another.  Please RSVP with a text to 214-3023

Lee Schansberg…Join me, September 17, (Thursday) at 6:00pm. Will meet at my house(address is in the directory) for a time of fellowship. Please bring a finger food to share. RSVP at lschansberg@gmail.com