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Discounted SAT/ACT Prep

by Michele Landrum

The eKnowledge SAT/ACT Donation Project has assisted over 225,000 students and families ​around the world ​with free and deeply discounted SAT/ACT Prep. For the past 11 years we have worked with over 300 Partners to let families know about the project and we have received over 35,000 positive​ ​comments from our user base.​ It is a blessing and […]

Another ACT Prep Option

by Michele Landrum

This ACT Prep Course is offered by homeschooling Dad, Bret Lohrbach, and consists of four-3hr classes, one 3hr class for each of the ACT subjects (English, Math, Reading and Science).  This gives a total of 12 hours of training.  These classes are spread out over two weeks (usually the weeks before an upcoming ACT).  Per Mr. Lohrbach, students will […]

ACT Study Courses Scheduled at South Alabama

by Teresa Stokes

ACT Study Courses Scheduled at South Alabama The University of South Alabama offers a series of ACT study courses, 4 classes per week for 4 weeks, to end just prior to the April 5, 2014, ACT test date.  The discounted fee for all four classes is $216.  Click HERE and turn to page 10 of […]